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Dial-a-Tow has learnt over the years that it pays to be prepared for any eventuality when dealing with emergency towing, vehicle recovery and accident clean up.

1. Emergency towing is mostly described as emergency towing because there has been a traffic accident and someone is trapped in a vehicle or the car involved in the accident is blocking a road or has come to rest in a position that is dangerous.

2. Vehicle recovery can become very difficult due to weather or ground conditions or the location where the vehicle has come to a rest.

3. Accident clean-up is, although a little known part of the towing industry, but is virtually an everyday occurrence. Dial-a-Tow is always prepared to clean up any type of accident. Cars crash and dangerous materials needs to be cleaned up quickly. Similarly, trucks and semi-trailers roll over and or crash and spill their loads.

In all three instances noted above, Dial-a-Tow’s advantage is undoubtedly its fleet of 60 tow trucks, but also, more importantly, all the ancillary equipment including a variety of cranes.

Dial-a-Tow has vehicles that have been especially equipped to clean up anything on the road quickly, including forklifts, front-end loaders and emergency lighting and cutting equipment.

No other tow truck company has the same degree of sophistication of equipment that Dial-a-Tow offers for emergency towing, vehicle recovery and cleanup of accident scenes.


Dial-a-Tow is an Adelaide based towing company operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to take your calls and queries.

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