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Roadside Assistance


Stuck on road with an empty fuel tank on the long way to your holiday destination?

Left the keys inside your car and locked out?

Got a flat tyre in the middle of the long-winding highway?

Dial-a-Tow is your partners in care for all roadside emergencies including:

  • Supplying fuel for emergency run-outs
  • Changing flat tyres
  • Jump starting flat battery vehicles
  • Servicing batteries
  • Vehicle lock-out retrievals
  • 24/7 Emergency vehicle towing

We have a centralized call and dispatch centre from where we manage all roadside emergency calls and dispatch a tow truck nearest to your location. With our widespread network, we have you covered even on the farthest highways of Australia. Our operators can also refer you to repair centers wherever you may be located or going.

Furthermore, for your complete peace of mind, we can give you information about the exact location of tow truck, loaded with your vehicle, through our GPS tracking facility. And in case you want to make an insurance claim, we even provide you photo evidence of the vehicle at the point of loading as well as off-loading.


Dial-a-Tow is an Adelaide based towing company operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to take your calls and queries.

Phone: (08) 82 66 2222
Fax: (08) 82 66 3980

E-mail: bookings@dialatow.net.au


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