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Transportable Buildings


We have all been trapped behind a portable building being transported on a low-loader truck. Oh, how we have marveled at the driver’s maneuvering skills managing the balance on normal as well as rocky terrains, besides those tight access spaces! Dial-a-Tow’s team of operators are efficiently trained and experienced in transporting buildings and portable shelters between any two points across the nation.


At Dial-a-Tow, we understand that safe and timely transport of the building is of utmost importance to the owner. Therefore, we not left any stone unturned in building our towing capacity to service all kinds of building and portable sites transport. Give Dial-a-Tow a call today and benefit from our:

·        Exceptional customer service

·        GPS tracking to give you the exact location of tow truck at any time

·        Time & date stamped photo evidence of the building at the time of loading and off-loading

·        Extensive network of operators enabling us to service the remotest areas in minimum time periods

·        Fully-equipped tow trucks, laced with state-of-the-art technology


Dial-a-Tow is an Adelaide based towing company operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to take your calls and queries.

Phone: (08) 82 66 2222
Fax: (08) 82 66 3980

E-mail: bookings@dialatow.net.au


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